On Hard Work, Progress and Goals

Life is what happens to you while your busy making other plans.
— John Lennnon, Beautiful Boy

This past weekend a dear friend of mine shared this article with me. It talks about an exercise that consists of listing your "wins" from the first half of your year. A win can be anything that helps you move towards your goal. This exercise helps you acknowledge the effort you have put into achieving your goals so it doesn't go unnoticed. It is a way of making sure you're on the right path and moving forward. I wanted to do something like this for myself. We get caught up with the things we are yet to achieve that we don't realize how many of our plans have come to fruition

As I was preparing to graduate, I made a list in my head of things I wanted to accomplish after my graduation in December. Most of these things - if not all of them - are related to becoming a full-time portrait photographer, so I'll start my list off with that. Things in bold have been accomplished. 

In 2017 I want to: 

  • Be a full-time portrait photographer ☑️
  • Have a portfolio of work that I'm proud of ☑️
  • Build a website ☑️
  • Start a blog ☑️
  • Go to WPPI ☑️
  • Meet Sue Bryce and visit her studio in LA ☑️
  • Photograph bands and musicians (I even got to do the album cover for Djamila's album Girl) ☑️
  • Raise my prices ☑️
  • Get an 80 score in a WPPI contest (got a 77, so close!)
  • Learn to use Capture One Pro ☑️
  • Move to Austin (this one changed to something completely different) 
  • Start a photography book on the Rio Grande Valley
  • Work on personal projects (like this one) ☑️

Other wins I accomplished but didn't plan for: 

  • Learned light from Felix Kunze
  • Started my WPPI certification
  • Upgraded to a Canon 5D mkIII
  • Got one of my dream lenses, 100mm f/2.8 macro
  • Get a workspace (not yet accomplished, but I'm days away from it!)

With life moving so fast it's easy to lose focus. As a freelancer, the path isn't always clear and it can get hard to stay on track if you don't have specific goals in mind. This exercise has helped me realize I am moving forward faster than I thought and it makes it easier to visualize my long term goals. I'd recommend you do it if you feel stuck in your journey, you'd be surprised of how much you have accomplished.