Exploring Spaces

A couple of weeks ago I moved all my operations to the WorkPub, a co-working space in Downtown Brownsville. There are many cool things about this place; I now have a business address, a place to meet clients, wi-fi (!!!), snacks and a pretty neat work environment. As if all these amenities weren't nice enough, there is a variety of spaces where I can shoot and huge windows with amazing natural light to bend and play with. 

It's hard not to be inspired to create in this place, so I planned a shoot focused on exploring the different styles that could be achieved in the space I was provided and taking advantage of that beautiful window light. I ended up creating five different portrait styles: chic, personal branding, senior portraits, glamour and spice girls (at least that's what it reminds me of). 

As you may know I usually work with strobes, but even having the space to set them up the light coming from the window was more than enough. Since most of these were shot with natural light we had to move around the light rather than having the lights move around the subject. For example, for the first set I wanted front light so Leiha was facing the window, while for the images in white she had the window and a diffuser behind her. 

The whole point of exploring these different styles and setups was to get to know the space and how it would work on the different kinds of portraits I usually do. Also, it was very exciting to finally work with natural light in studio, since my old studio (aka my living room) doesn't have any windows. And we got to do something different in the end using the phone booths and a wooden panel at the back of the WorkPub.

Brenda-Bazan-2017 1.jpg
Brenda-Bazan-2017 2.jpg
Brenda-Bazan-2017 6.jpg
Brenda-Bazan-2017 7.jpg
Brenda-Bazan-2017 8.jpg

Which of these styles did you like the most? How would YOU like to be photographed? If you are ready to start planning your customized portrait session just send me a message and we'll schedule a free consultation to talk about your dream shoot. 

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