What to Wear to Your Portrait Session

The first thing I get asked when people are booking their sessions is "what should I wear?" It is hard to choose the appropriate attire for a portrait session, after all you want it to be picture perfect. But there is no reason to panic, I'll share with you some of the guidelines I follow for flawless portrait looks every time. 

Before you even start looking through your closet, think about the purpose of your photos. What is the style you're going after? Once you have a specific style in mind it will be easier to choose an outfit. For this article I chose 3 of my most popular styles of images: glamour, casual and personal branding, and Layer the Boutique created the outfits to match each one of those styles. 

Let's start with glamour. For a glamour shoot, you want to dress like for the cover of a magazine. You're going all out but keeping in mind that less is more. For this particular look, Leiha is wearing the Irina Dress from Layer. It is  a very elegant cocktail look and a head-turner. Even though the dress is beautiful and with intricate detail, it does not take the attention away from her face. It complements her and the image, and the color is simply gorgeous. 

You can also wear a night gown, something you wore at a wedding and never took out again, that dress you never get to wear because you're waiting for the perfect occasion. Just make sure it's not a vibrant color, unless it's red because we love red. And for night gowns, the more it flows, the better.

Next we have a casual look. This is a more relaxed, being yourself kind of look. I try to incorporate casual portraits into every session, specially for high school seniors. I like to describe it as Calvin Klein Jeans style; classy and laid back. For this look, Leiha is wearing the Amelie Knit Sweater with Charcoal Denim. Layer paired up this outfit with a golden necklace and choker. We love many things about this outfit: it's a solid and pale color, the texture of the fabric is subtle yet beautiful, and it has a very dynamic décolletage. Again, we have an outfit that has a lot going on without taking the attention away from out subject. It's simple, but not too simple. 

Lastly, we did a personal branding or corporate headshot type of session. This style of sessions are meant to show you in a more professional way: as the head of your business, part of a company, writer, lawyer, doctor, you name it! I think there's a misconception that professional goes hand in hand with 'serious' or 'boring', but it's nothing like that. You can be stylish and fun while looking like a pro. For this style, Layer paired up the Joann Top with the Polka Dot Skirt and a pair of bracelets. This top and skirt are sober yet fun. I love that the top is very neutral, again, it doesn't take the attention away from Leiha's face. And the polka dots from the skirt add a lovely accent that just ties this outfit together. 

I have a strong preference for neutral or pale colors, but  you don't necessarily have to wear those colors, you could also match the colors of your photos with the colors of your brand! Also, your outfit doesn't necessarily have to be something you'd wear in an office, as long as it goes with your business or profession, anything goes. 

In conclusion: you can't go wrong with pale or neutral colors, accessorize accordingly, dynamic tops are the bomb, accents like the polka dot skirt look rad, and it's all about you! Whatever it is that you're wearing shouldn't take away from your limelight. As long as you're being comfortable and being yourself, your photos will be perfect. 

A big thanks to Layer the Boutique for helping us by putting these incredible outfits together! We loved each one of them. 

If you're still unsure on what to wear for your session, don't be afraid to reach out to your photographer to ask for opinions.

Remember you can book a free consultation to start planning your portrait session. I'm here to help you create the best photos you have ever seen of yourself.