Planning a wedding? Leslie might have a piece of advice for you.

Last week I had the pleasure of having wedding planner extraordinaire Leslie Treviño in my studio for a personal branding session. The purpose of this session was to create an image that would represent her as a wedding planner and to have a little fun afterwards doing a full blown glamour session. During our session we chatted quite a lot about weddings as we both share the honor of working in our respective fields in the wedding industry. As a photographer who often does weddings, I was very interested in listening to what she had to say about wedding photographers and I'm sure a lot of this golden information will become in handy to soon-to-be-married couples. 

Read Leslie's interview below:


How important is it for a couple to invest in a photographer for their wedding?

It is. Very. When it's your wedding day, the only thing that passes and must pass through your mind is to enjoy and smile. The photographer you hire, not only must be responsible for capturing your best moments, but also every detail of the event. That way you receive beautiful images that will help you remember that magical day.


In your opinion, what characteristics should a wedding photographer have?

As a Wedding Planner the main thing I look for is that my clients feel comfortable and happy. A good photographer should be kind and enjoy their work while doing it. Punctual, because weddings are only last a moment and every second counts. Professional, a professional never forget that they work for someone else and that the bride and groom are the protagonists of the day. Always look for, punctuality, commitment and professionalism in the photographer you hire.

How much time in advance should one book their photographer?

When planning a wedding all dates are important. Once the event has a date assigned starting from place of ceremony and place of reception, it is time to move on to the next step, which would be the details. The first detail that you can give your guests as a gift is a Save The Date invitation, for which you can use an engagement session and the photographer plays an essential role. Here is when you should look for the best provider of photography. If you're not doing an engagement session, the photographer must be hired at least 4 months before the date of the event.


As a wedding planner, how do you ensure the bride and groom get the best photos of their day?

Good photos rely more in a good and prepared photographer, but as a wedding planner I collaborate with the photographer to help them get more involved with the couple, so the photos can express all the feelings and colors of the moment. As I always say to the people that work with me in a wedding, we have to work as a team and make that special day even more special.

I know you recently became certified, could you talk a little bit about your certifications and what they mean to you?

I am a nationally certified Wedding Planner by the Instituto Alia in Mexico City and internationally by the Association for Wedding Professionals International. These certifications are a proof to myself that I can learn more about what I like to do, and they mean a new professional era in my life working with happy couples and their very special day.

What advice would you give to people who are currently seeking for their wedding photographer?

The top tips I can give to all who seek a photographer are: 

  1. 1. Look at the work and style of each photographer, so you can compare it with your style and get an ideal result.
  2. 2. Do not hire a photographer just for their prices, observe their experience and style once more and stick to your budget to know who you can hire.
  3. 3. Establish a connection with your photographer, so that on your wedding day you do not have uncomfortable moments during your wedding session.

A big thanks to Leslie for showering us with these tips! Make sure to follow her on Facebook to keep up with her killer wedding knowledge.

I'll leave you with the rest of her in studio session.